Privacy Policy

The Costumemaster aims to be a simple game that uses as little data as possible. Below is the privacy policy that outlines what is collected, how it’s used, and how it can be deleted/reset at the user’s request.

What is collected

The Costumemaster is heavily integrated with Game Center and will submit data to Game Center to unlock achievements and submit scores to leaderboards. This includes the following:

  • Time of completion in challenge levels (typically, from “Rushed” onwards)
  • Number of times costumes are switched
  • Clicks on the main menu

Additionally, the game records the following information into a local store:

  • Last scene you completed

Clearing game store data

The Costumemaster does not make use of any personal information and keeps its data stored locally. To clear this data at any time, open The Costumemater then select The Costumemaster › Clear Game Store… to clear local data. Note that this will not remove any achievements earned as a result of this data.

Questions or concerns?

Contact support at for any questions you may have about this privacy policy.